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The Virtual Art Gallery is not a Platform or Software. It is a specialized service for Artists. It doesn't have interactive online controls over the layout and Art placement. OUR TEAM will curate and setup the gallery layout with your guidance.

Your Video / App / Game is yours. No strings attached.
Gigoia Studios doesn't keep your videos online at our channels.
Previews and download links are deleted after delivery.
Gigoia Studios doesn't earn money over your Video / App / Game.

Please send us good quality pictures of your artworks.
​Gigoia Studios is not responsible for:
Low resolution, blurred, distorted, dirty, bad contrast,
oversaturated and badly-cropped pictures.

* The VIRTUAL ART GALLERY is designed to show your art
virtually at big sizes for impact. If your original artworks are
small, it's your responsibility to give correct information to your buyers, art collectors and clients.

Large amounts of texts and tiny names must be avoided in the 360 video Gallery. Artist Name / Title can be placed above or below the artwork. For large groups of Artists / Names, we will customize the gallery with a price according your project scale.

Artworks images, texts, names, titles, logos, color combination for walls / floors and background soundtrack must be emailed to us.
Please see our options and tell us your preferences. We will send an email with previews images for approval within one week after purchase. A Gallery map is included in the Buyer's Guide so you can choose the artworks placement sequence on the walls.

Gigoia Studios logo appears at the end of the video only with your permission. Video duration is 4 - 7 minutes.

​The 360 video resolution is 4K resolution, spherical format, mp4.
The Oculus Quest App is an Android APK file.
The Game Gallery is a PC and MAC executable.

The Oculus Quest App can be installed on your headset via "sideloading". The APK file is a third-party app and will appear in your Oculus menu at the Unknown Sources category.

Step-by-step instructions at our Buyer's Guide PDF manual.

The 360 video must be uploaded to recommended platforms that supports VR videos like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Oculus Media Studio or directly to your website (if it supports 360 video format).
You can embed the video link in your website.

International payments accepted


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