What is copyright ownership?

Your video is yours: ownership & copyright passes to you!

About video monetization

Gigoia Studios doesn't keep your videos online at our channels.
We don´t have the rights to earn money over your video.

At video revision step, we temporarily upload your video in private at our channel for approval. After that, the video is deleted.

About logos and watermarks

After your video is approved by you, we´ll send it to you without our watermark.

Gigoia Studios logo appears at the end of the video only.

​The video resolution for the THEME and SILVER PLANS is 4K.

What is the video resolution?

Which is the length of the video?

The maximum length of the video for the SILVER PLAN is 5:00 minutes.

The maximum length of the video for the THEME PLAN is 7:00 minutes.

About video format and 360º

Video format is encoded in MP4.

For 360º videos, you can upload it at YouTubeFacebook,  Vimeo 360VeeR.

These video channels have VR headset support for total immersion.

About artwork sizes

The VIRTUAL ART GALLERY is designed to show your art

virtually at big sizes for impact. If your original artworks are

small, it's your responsibility to give correct information to your buyers,

art collectors and clients at your website. 

About artwork image quality

Please send us good quality pictures of your artworks!

Gigoia Studios is not responsible for:

Low resolution, blurred, distorted, dirty, bad contrast,

oversaturated and badly-cropped pictures.

At video revision step, we will warn you if your pictures

don't match our quality assurance criteria.

International payments accepted