Name: STIJL Dream

Developer: Gigoia Studios
Based in Sintra, Portugal

Release date: September 2020

PC, OSX, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go


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USD 4.99

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Imagine yourself at an art gallery. You get closer to Piet Mondrian´s and Theo van Doesburg´s paintings and magically is transposed to it!

Contemplative experience for Fine Art and Design lovers.
Mix of platformer with walking-simulator.
A fun way to learn art. 
Tribute to the creators of 1917 DE STIJL ART GROUP and NEOPLASTICISM.


• An interactive Art Gallery in a Bauhaus-like style.
• 4 mini-worlds to immerse and play.
• Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg biographies + paintings.
• Change colors and effects for visual delight.
• 4 electronic ambient style soundtracks.
• No pressure or deaths. Easy controls.

Stay as much as you want.



Please inform us by email or msg on social media if you publish an article, vlog, let´s play videos, etc.

About Gigoia Studios

Gigoia Studios creates Fine Art Games, Contemporary Art in Virtual Reality and ambient Soundtracks.

Founded in 2011, we focus on new ways to connect  Arts and people through games.

Our segments:

Gigoia Fine Arts - Creating Art oriented educational games for museums.

Gigoia Fantastics - Creating immersive visualizations for Contemporary Artists and original artworks using VR and games.

Gigoia Gallery - Virtual Art Galleries Services for Artists.

Gigoia Waves - Creating soundtracks and ambient music for art spaces.


International events and prizes:

We won the Creative Business Cup Latin America, and went to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Exhibit at Art Basel Miami in partnership with the Young at Art Museum. Started partnership with Star Palm Games for Contemporary Art games.

Also, we were invited to enter competitions like the  Rijksstudio Awards, 

Prix Ars Electronica (Austria) and  El Arte en el Juego (Argentina).

We worked with museums like  Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities

at Denver (EUA) and  Arnold Schoenberg Belmont Music. 


- Carlos Monteiro: Art / Logic / Creation / Music / Design

- Camila Candal: Business Consulting / Social media

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Sintra, Portugal

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil