Options for viewing virtual reality (VR) content:

An immersive VR headset.

A simple VR viewer that uses a mobile phone.

A mobile phone on its own.

Web video player.


A great way to experience virtual reality is with an immersive VR headset that allows you to look around immersed in a 3D world and circular sound.


The best VR headset for you depends on your tech set-up and your budget. Some use your mobile phone, while others rely on your computer or game console.

A recent headset, Daydream View, from Google, works along with certain Android mobile phones. Insert your phone into the headset tray.

* Gigoia Gallery 360 videos works on YouTube app, Vimeo app and Facebook app.

For more info check out Daydream Ready Phones.

Another very good option is the Gear VR, from Oculus and Samsung and works with the Galaxy S6, S7 and S8 mobile phones.

The Cardboard Vr viewer is the less expensive option and allows some degree of

immersive experience. These headsets (which cost between $15 and $130 in the U.S.) are a quick and easy way to convert your mobile phone into a VR viewer.


You can still get a “see and hear things all around you” VR experience using your mobile phone on its own.

* Gigoia Gallery 360 videos works on main VR mobile apps:

YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and VeeR VR


You can watch it on the web, known as “360” video format. This is not like to wear a VR headset. But the web player in your browser makes it easy to view 360° content. You can also embed the video player on your own website.


  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Opera 

  • Edge